MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — State Rep. Jim Newberger is the first Republican to formally announce plans to take on Minnesota’s popular U.S. senator, Amy Klobuchar.

Should Newberger win his party’s endorsement at next year’s state convention, the task of beating Klobuchar is a tall one. The Democratic senator beat her last two Republican opponents by double digits. And, she’s already raised nearly $6 million for her next campaign.

Newberger, a three-term House member from Becker, says he’s up for the challenge. Newberger says his goals include repealing the Affordable Care Act, reforming the country’s refugee program, simplifying the tax code and lowering the national debt.

The senator’s office issued a statement Monday which said the Republican Party will choose which candidate it will endorse and that Klobuchar is focused on getting things done for the people of Minnesota.

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  1. What chance has he of winning against a leftist communist who has succeeded for years in passing legislation to prohibit labeling our food with country of origin or genetically modified ? Who would vote against a woman who has for many years been running State and Federal cash and tax support for her friends buying children direct from the African baby-mills ? Who could object to her legislation removing the federal requirement that children get vaccinations before boarding the planes bound for Minnesota public schools from countries and areas where serious deadly communicable diseases are rampant, like Ebola, measles, mumps, polio, antibiotic resistant tuberculosis? Who could object to overwhelming our schools, healthcare, and social services with illegals and welfare refuges/asylees ? Who could object to taking food off their children’s table to provide for deadbeats who have no legitimate business being in this country ?

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