ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — If you go to the St. Paul Saints game Saturday night, you won’t find a player in a Saints uniform in sight. That’s because, for one night, they’ve changed their name to something uniquely Minnesotan.

“So this started as an April Fools’ joke, that’s all it was,” Saints broadcaster Sean Aronson said.

Back on the big day, the first of April, the Saints sent out a press release with a big announcement.

“A lot of minor league baseball teams had started to change their name this year. So we wanted to have fun at all these different name changes. In Jacksonville, they’re the Jumbo Shrimp, in New Orleans they’re the Baby Cakes,” Aronson said.

The Saints being the Saints, they had to top that.

“So we came up with 50 different names, for 50 different nights,” Aronson said.

One for each home game this year — changing their name every night. Everything from the You Betchas to the Oh Fer Cutes to the Backed Up Zipper Mergers.
It was meant to be nothing but an April Fools’ joke. But then…

“The fans loved it. They said even if this is a joke, you should still do it,” Aronson said. “So we took the top five names that we thought, put it to a vote on Facebook, and in a landslide, and I mean it wasn’t close, Duck Duck Gray Duck walked away with this.”

Yes, that’s right. Saturday night, the Saints will be known as the Duck Duck Gray Ducks. Their opponent, the Cleburne Railroaders, will be Duck Duck Goose.

(credit: CBS)

“And it’s gonna be a lot of fun. There may be a large game of Duck Duck Gray Duck slash Duck Duck Goose on the field, I don’t know. But again, it’s all about having fun,” Aronson said.

Because their motto — fun is good — certainly isn’t changing.

“This is as unique a uniform as you can get,” Aronson said.