By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Studies have shown our cellphones have 10-times-more germs than our toilets.

So, should we be concerned?

“They can make you sick, but I would honestly be more worried about the kind of bacteria are on your cellphones than the number,” said Liz Heinecke, the Kitchen Pantry scientist who has a background in bacteriology.

hand washing What Germs Should We Worry About?

(credit: CBS)

She says our bodies are covered with bacteria. Most of the germs on our phones are what are already on our skin. For example, Staphylococcus epidermidis is common and part of the normal human flora.

“They actually help keep us healthy,” she said. “What you have to worry about is the bacteria that you pick up as you’re moving through the world, and some viruses, too.”

Heinecke points out a person can pick up E. coli when cutting raw meat. A strain of antibiotic-resistant staph can also be found at gyms.

Often, people can pass viruses, like influenza, from touching doorknobs or hands.

She says people shouldn’t stress about the germs on their phones, but recommends keeping phones out of bathrooms.

She also encourages consistent hand washing. If a person chooses to allow their children to play with their phone, she recommends washing down the phone.


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