FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — Four new food vendors are experiencing the State Fair for the first time. One has a long history in the Twin Cities food scene.

You need a proven track record to make into the State Fair. Que Viet concession has been on the Twin Cities six years, but has ties to a popular restaurant with a long history.

“These egg rolls are packed with pork pretty much,” Que Viet owner Tam Le said.

For food vendors at the State Fair, the goal is always the same.

“Hopefully they think of egg rolls as corn dogs some day at the State Fair,” Le said

Le could be on the path to a state fair staple even in his inaugural year at the Great Minnesota Get together.

“We’re known in Minnesota for the egg rolls,” he said.

That reputation was built before the successful food booth. Its roots are in a Brooklyn Park restaurant with a 36-year history.

“My mom started the restaurant in ’81, before we were born,” Le said.

Que Viet Village house is where tam first learned every aspect of the food industry.

“I started dishwashing when I was 13. I’ve done it all,” Le said. “I’ve deep fried, I’ve cooked, I’ve waited — the whole works. I grew up in this business.”

Six years ago, the sisters and a cousin wanted their own venture.

“We started in a $100, 10-by-10 Walmart tent,” Le said.

Fairs and festivals gave them the experience with a goal of one day reachign the fair.

“We thought if we work hard enough, we’d get in some day — and it happened,” Le said.

Their menu features some of the restaurants most popular items — massive eggrolls, cream cheese wontons with a hint of garlic and sugar, and an iced Vietnamese coffee of condensed milk and a strong, New Orleans-based coffee.

Those traditional recipes are allowing the next generation to pave a new path.