By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Streets have become streams and neighborhoods into lakes along the Gulf Coast in Texas. Traveling into those Hurricane Harvey ravaged towns won’t be easy, but American Red Cross volunteers Karen and Rick Campion will find a way.

“We’re in an Emergency Response Vehicle so we would be delivering food to those in need,” Karen said.

the campions Minnesota Red Cross Volunteers Head To Texas For Hurricane Victims

(credit: CBS)

The Campions’ first night in Texas will be in Austin, a city a safe enough distance away from the gulf for volunteers. Monday, she anticipates they’ll be sent to Corpus Christi, one of the first areas to see significant damage when Harvey made landfall. It’s also roughly 1,300 miles from their Minnesota home.

She said volunteers will start setting up kitchens get people fed, which will be difficult since they’re often outdoors and the rain might not let up for days.

“(The victims) are in need, great need,” she said.

The Campions cleared their schedules for the next two weeks in order to help down south. They say between the two of them they’ve volunteered for 29 disaster relief efforts.

Their emotional dedication to serving others is shared across the country. In St. Louis, Missouri, hundreds of volunteers packing meals for local food pantries decided to route a portion of them to hurricane victims.

In Miami, Florida, American Red Cross trucks loaded with medicine, water and blood are bound for Houston.

And back in Minnesota, football fans at the Vikings game Sunday night were encouraged to donate to the American Red Cross’ relief effort.

“If they can’t volunteer their time, a donation of money, any amount, $10 is great,” said Karen.

The money will buy food and supplies for victims, some of whom have no place to stay but a shelter.

But the Campions will deliver those same items door to door to the families who will soon be getting back to their homes.

“It’s a way to give back to the communities that need resources,” she said.

The Campions are two of 22 American Red Cross volunteers from the Minneapolis Chapter who will help in Texas.

To learn how to volunteer for the American Red Cross, make a donation or where to give blood, click here.


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