CBS Local — Many people enjoy feeling warm and toasty under layers of blankets when they go to bed. According to researchers studying the science of sleep, those people have the completely wrong idea about getting a healthy night of rest. Scientists are now saying that sleeping in a cold room with less layers on results in a better night’s sleep and is healthier for the body.

Dr. Christopher Winter, director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, told the website SimpleMost that sleeping in a room between 60 and 67 degrees is best for the body. Dr. Winter added that temperatures above 67 degrees will actually disrupt the body’s ability to sleep.

Scientists say the reason for heat negatively affecting your sleep stems from the body naturally losing warmth as it gets tired and prepares itself for bed.

“About one to one and a half hours before falling sleep, the body starts to lose heat from its central core and that brings on increased feelings of tiredness in normal healthy adults,” said Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel, a researcher at the University of South Australia’s Centre for Sleep Research.

Sleep studies have also shown there are a number of health benefits to an icy sleep as well. One study reveals that sleeping in a cold room will boost your ability to burn more calories throughout the day. The four-month study added that this could lead to less metabolic diseases, like diabetes, developing.

Sleeping in a cold room may also fight the aging process too. More anti-aging hormones, known as melatonin, are reportedly released from the body in a cold room than in warmer temperatures. The antioxidant fights off inflammation and strengthens the human immune system. The news may help the 50 to 70 million Americans with insomnia find a new trick to get to sleep tonight.