FALCON HEIGHTS (WCCO) — Mini donuts are more than a State Fair staple. For many Fairgoers they are an annual article of faith. But if you buy it from Grandstand Mini Donuts, you get a side serving of progressive politics.

For the last 55 years, the Grandstand Mini donut booth has been serving up some of the best sugary treats at the entire Fair.

What you might not know: the money from this booth goes to progressive political causes, and DFL candidates.

The booth generates about $200,000 a year for progressive causes, but there’s no sign anywhere that reveals that. And some Republicans say that’s wrong.

“I think that when people come to the Fair they are looking for fun, they are looking for food, good times with family. Not to fund a political organization like the DFL,” Rep. Kelly Fenton (R-Woodbury) said.

A bill at the Republican-controlled legislature would require a DFL sign be posted on the booth.

Reaction from progressives? Go jump in the DNR fish pond.

“I don’t know why the Republicans have their undies in a bunch. It seems like they don’t understand that you can go out and work for money to help. You don’t just have to take it from lobbyists and corporations,” Marc Asch of Grandstand Mini Donuts said.

When we told donut buyers where their money went, buyers cared more about the donut than the donation — proving a political point.

No booth is required to make public where the money goes.


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