MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota hosted its “Goldy Versus Cancer” event Thursday.

The goal is to educate fairgoers on the risks and prevention for a number of common cancers, and provide screenings and education for cervical, oral and breast cancer.

But one in particular is especially important because of the research that was gathered at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

The U’s booth has the feel of a clinical setting, though it hardly looks like a doctor’s office.

Visitors like Jerry Davis took a break from the fried food for a discussion on how to avoid frying your skin.

“I’ve had a lot of issues with skin cancer so I always like the opportunity to get checked,” Davis said.

a sunscreen dispenser at the minnesota state fair Fairgoers Help U Researchers Study Sunscreen Use

A Vanicreme dispenser at the Minnesota State Fair (credit: CBS)

Fairgoers can get their fair share of sunshine over the 12 days.

Dr. Ingrid Polcari worries about their risk for skin cancer. She is behind a 2015 study that tracked the use of the free Vanicreme sunscreen.

“We wanted to watch and see how people were using the sunscreen,” Polcari said.

Researchers found many are not adequately protecting themselves from the sun.

“People would maybe only put it on certain body parts, maybe face or forearms, but they would neglect other body parts that were uncovered, like legs,” she said.

Cloudy days also led to less sunscreen use.

“When the clouds are overhead, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a sunburn,” Polcari said.

That is why the U is spending the day educating the public through free screenings, education and giveaways.

Sunshine has a way of setting the state fair ambience — but it certainly doesn’t need to leave lasting effect.

“We want to keep them healthy, and what better to keep people healthy than to talk about ways to protect themselves from cancer,” she said.

Vanicreme is free at several different information booths around the fairgrounds.


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