MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says a Minnesota nuclear plant would be prepared to handle an emergency. They conducted a test run of an emergency situation on Tuesday.

Officials with both FEMA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission were out this week to run a test drill of an emergency situation and Friday they said they found no major issues.

The state has two nuclear power plants, one in Prairie Island and one in Monticello. FEMA and the NRC trade off yearly testing. This year it was Monticello’s turn.

A mock emergency drill was held Tuesday.

Friday federal officials gave a status update saying there were no major issues in the test and the plant would be able to handle a real nuclear incident.

“Being prepared for a possible event is critical in being able to react if an event occurs. So our evaluation process is looking at all their preparations, their procedures, their training and their ability in response to a potential event,” Gregory Hansen, senior emergency preparedness inspector with the NRC said.

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Safety says the states plants have always passed their tests. The next step is the findings will be submitted in a report to the state before a final draft is written.

Kate Raddatz