MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — September is a great time of year for people who like to shop and save! You can find end of summer sales, back to school discounts and Labor Day discounts. Check out some below.


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Labor Day weekend is considered to be one of the best times to buy a car, but the entire month of September brings us price discounts and financing offers. Dealerships need to clear out their current inventory to make room for the new 2018 models. That means you can get an extra good deal on a current model car.


2017 is the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone and, like every September, the famous Apple keynote event is held. They historically announce the new iPhone at this event, which this year is the iPhone8. That means there will be big discounts on the current iPhone models – usually around the $100 mark. If you really want or need that new model, look into selling your current iPhone through an online site like Gazelle where you can get a much better deal than trading it in with your phone carrier.


Just like cars, you can score a great deal when retailers need to move out old models to make room for the new ones and for bikes new models are typically released between September and November. It’s also a good time to look for a used bike as many people ride less once the summer is over and are looking to sell their bikes or their kids’ bikes before storing them over the winter.

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Airline Tickets:

The best deals on plane are usually about eight weeks prior to the departure date, so for Thanksgiving travel that means the last couple of weeks of September. If you want to travel NOW, it’s considered “shoulder season” when overall traveling is less active so you can find travel deals on hotels, car rentals and travel packages for as much as 50% less than in the peak summer season.

Lawn Mowers and Lawn Tools

After Labor Day you can find the best deals of the year on lawn mowers. Retailers are looking to move these out to make space for snowblowers. You can expect to find at least $50-$150 off the prices of most push mowers and much more off riding mowers. Lawn tools will also be at a discount with the percentage off reaching as high as 50% at some locations by the end of the month.

National Coffee Day – September 29

Last year we saw coffee deals at both coffee shops and online retailers and free cups of coffee at KwikTrip, Einstein Bros Bagels and others.

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Keep your eyes open for the deals as the end of the month approaches and we’ll also have a full list at ThriftyJinxy.com.