Check out the recipe for Tuesday morning’s cooking segment for St. Olaf College with Chef Matthew Fogarty.

St. Olaf Southwest Smokehouse Huevos Rancheros with Fisher Farms Boar Chorizo, Crispy Pumpkin Fry Bread, Double Take Salsa Verde and Queso Fresca

Double Bacon Anasazi and Local Black Beans
¼ lb. Dried Anasazi Beans (Cook Until Tender, Drained)
¼ lb. Dried Black Beans (Cook Until Tender, Drained)
½ lb. Applewood Smoked Bacon (Rustic Chop, Rendered, Fat Drained)
1 ea. Sweet Local Onion (Diced)
1 ea. Summer Local Minnesota Heirloom Tomato (Large Dice)
½ C. Cilantro (Chopped)
10 cl. Fried Garlic (Smashed)
1 C. Chicken Stock
¼ C. St. Olaf Smokehouse Double Sloppy Powder
1 ea. Local Jalapeno (Chopped)
1 ea. Yellow Pepper (Large Dice)

1. Rinse Dry Beans. Separate Beans in Two Separate Pots and Cover with Water. Cook for 1 hour on Medium High Heat or Until Tender. Drain.
2. In Heavy Bottom Pot. Add Remaining Ingredients and Cook for 1 Hour on Low Heat. Serve.

Cook Chorizo or Favorite Breakfast Sausage. Make Fry Bread or Crispy Tortillas. Fry Egg.
The Build: Beans, Fry Bread, Sausage, Egg, Salsa Verde (or Favorite Jarred Salsa), Queso, Cilantro, Eat!

Sausage and Fry Bread Recipes Can Be Acquired at


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