CBS Local — People say that with age comes wisdom, but according to a new study, age also comes with another valuable trait: satisfaction.

In a survey conducted by AARP, Americans over the age of 60 were much more content with their lives than all other groups. The American Association of Retired Persons polled over 2,600 adults and found that two-thirds of respondents over 60 reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their lives. Only 61 percent of adults 18 to 39 and 60 percent of people 40 to 59 had the same outlook on life.

The study also looked at Americans’ overall view of aging. 47 percent of people 18 to 39 felt that it’s, “normal to be depressed when you are old.” That number was only 10 percent among the 650 seniors polled.

“I think the survey also presents a fairly stark reminder that we’re all faced by a lot of negative associations around aging – some of it’s ‘in the culture’ and some of it may be self-generated, but it’s all damaging and, as this survey shows, it’s often wrong,” AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins said.

Jenkins added that negative stereotypes surrounding old age was overshadowing the evidence that seniors seem to be a happier group of the population. The CEO noted that seniors are also overlooked when it comes to the customer service industry as well.

“Despite the massive and growing size of the 60-plus population, which already accounts for more than $7.1 trillion of annual spending in the U.S., we don’t see a lot of products and service being developed specifically with the interests and needs of older people in mind.”