MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Patrol says two pedestrians are hurt – one with life threatening injuries – after a truck driver went around a car stopped at a crosswalk and struck them.

According to the state patrol, the incident occurred on Thursday at 7:12 p.m. on Highway 12 and Elder Avenue Southwest in Waverly, Minnesota.

There, a passenger car that was not involved in the crash was traveling westbound on Hwy 12 and stopped to allow pedestrians to cross a marked crosswalk. A driver of a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado passed the passenger car in the right turn lane, striking the two pedestrians cross the highway.

One of the victims, 40-year-old Jane Krueger of Waverly, suffered life threatening injuries and was taken to Buffalo Hospital. Her current condition is unknown.

The other pedestrian, 57-year-old Roy Michael Krueger of Waverly, suffered non-life threatening injuries and was also taken to Buffalo Hospital.

The driver of the truck, 56-year-old Patricia Dahlheimer of Dassel, suffered no injuries. Alcohol was not involved in the crash, the state patrol said.

It is unclear if the driver will face charges.

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  1. unsure if he will face charges? He used a turn lane as a passing lane (illegal). He passed on the right (illegal) he failed to yield to pedestrians AT a marked crosswalk. (ILLEGAL) And the topper, he injured 2 people in the midst of his law violation

  2. Jean James says:

    What a terrible thing for the Kruegers and the loved ones of the Krueger family.
    On this same note, I invite the reporters here to visit the crosswalks that allow Green Line users in St. Paul to get to the stations mid-block. Probably only 1 in 10 cars stop for those pedestrians, and when one does, almost all the time either someone drives around them, or ignores the stopped vehicle and speeds through in the 2nd lane.

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