MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Early in the fall might be the prime time for planting grass seed.

But a recent University of Minnesota Extension survey shows many of us are seriously over-watering.

WCCO’s Molly Rosenblatt has some tips on what you can do to keep you lawn looking its best without wasting water.

“What we’re looking to test is how much some of these technologies will improve your water savings,” Sam Bauer said.

U of M Extension Educator Sam Bauer is part of a two-year study surveying about 1,000 metro homes with irrigation systems.

“Very interesting results, from my perspective. I feel that we’re drastically overwatering our lawns in the Twin Cities,” Bauer said.

Now, keep in mind most metro areas have odd-even day watering bans.

It turns out watering on every even or odd day isn’t always necessary. Bauer says you have to account for rainfall.

“When in reality, once a week of irrigation would probably be the maximum required for lawns in Minnesota,” Bauer said.

Some of his tips: Give your irrigation system thorough check-ups. Make sure there are no leaks on the sprinkler heads.

Also, don’t waste water by letting your sprinklers hit places like the sidewalk, driveway or roadside, areas that don’t need it. Bauer says it’ll also save you some cash by installing new technology.

“Most of these new smart irrigation sensors can connect up with a local weather station and they will adjust to your irrigation programs based on what the weather is doing,” Bauer said.

The big takeaway? Water is a finite source and it’s both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly to watch how much you use.

A good rule of thumb for watering is one inch per week, and that includes rainfall amounts.


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