MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Students at Edina High School held a brief protest inside the school Thursday over how they perceive administrators are enforcing the dress code.

A Snapchat video from a senior student shows chanting in the hallways of the school against the dress code.

An Edina district representative told WCCO the protests are rooted in rumors and confusion and administrators are working with students to clear things up.

Seniors Alisha Collier and Mia Ali said they joined the protest in the halls of Edina High School because they feel the school dress code is being unreasonably enforced.

“I just think it is unfair,” Ali said.

A representative for the Edina School District told WCCO there have been two incidents with students since last week when school started, dealing with what administrators felt were revealing shirts.

There have not been any changes in the district dress code, which bars “skimpy tank tops” and “short shorts” or what could be “reasonably construed as sexual.”

But some students feel the dress code creates standards that are too strict.

“I came to a public, not private school,” Collier said. “Even if the clothes are distracting, how is that our fault?”

The school district said administrators are meeting with students to talk about what to do about the dress code moving forward.

In Minnesota, individual public school districts make up their own dress codes.

Edina High School principal Andy Beaton released the following statement to parents:

Overnight a rumor circulated that the EHS dress code had changed.  To be clear, we have made no change to EPS policy 504 regarding student dress and appearance.  No one has banned leggings, cut out shoulders, skinny jeans, etc. Kids should dress comfortably, but appropriately at school.  If there is a concern about attire, we will speak with students individually.  

Unfortunately while I was meeting with student leaders about the dress code rumor, students decided to protest in the commons.  Students were redirected to class, but It is unfortunate that the rumor mill created an unnecessary disruption.  

If your kids ever have questions/concerns please encourage them to speak with us. We are here to support the EHS community.  I am hosting a voluntary student forum in the commons after school today to address student questions and concerns and you are welcome to contact me at any time.  


  1. Chuck Berg says:

    I graduated from Edina with the class of 1986. If we were told to go and change or not wear something we just understood that this is just a shirt or a pair of pants and nobody was going to die. We understood what was allowed and what wasn’t and for the greater good we enjoyed wearing pretty much anything we wanted to school and saved our other outfits for outside of school. I can wait until this coddled generation gets out in the real world and understands that in the grand scheme of things your petty little issues are just that. Petty, privileged, self-absorbed and just comically ignorant.

    “I came to a public, not private school,” Collier said. “Even if the clothes are distracting, how is that our fault?”

    That statement says it all. You have access to the best schools, best education and best quality of life in the entire world. And with that comes a certain level of decorum and respect for your parents who worked hard to get you there, and the people and institutions that provide you with that amazing gift you have been given. Once you get out from under your protective bubble you are going to find yourselves ill equipped to handle how tough and uncaring of a place the real world is. They don’t care about you, where you were born, your clothes, your shoes or anything else you own. You will also see that these special “rules” you have been living with over your past 18 years were not shared by about 99 percent of the planet, so the rest of the population has been working hard and struggling to get what they want and they will have no issues with pushing you out of the way on their way to the top.


    There is a link to some important information for you to review… No matter how I try to break it down I am just amazed that you squandered your First Amendment Rights, the rights that people have given so much for….On clothes…. You honestly think you are being oppressed and you need to rally the troops around a clothing policy…. This is such a sad day for the Edina Alumni and the Minneapolis community as a whole. So much for the glory of Rome….