MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — These are the four stories you need to know about for Thursday, Sept. 28. They include the latest tax plan from Republicans, and the newest development in air travel.

Trump Administration Pivots To Tax Reform

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Vice President Pence is in Michigan and Wisconsin holding political and tax reform events. Yesterday, President Donald Trump traveled to Indiana to talk taxes after the White House and Republicans rolled out their blueprint to reform the tax system. The plan calls for slashing the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent and reducing the seven current income tax brackets to three.

Trump Heads To Puerto Rico

Trump says he’ll travel to Puerto Rico next week to get a briefing on recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria. The island was virtually destroyed when Maria hit a week ago. People there are still stuck in distribution centers waiting for help. Officials say the power will be out for months in some places.

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Hugh Hefner Dies At 91

Hollywood is mourning the loss of a cultural icon. Hugh Hefner died from natural causes at the Playboy Mansion yesterday. He started Playboy Magazine in 1953 with $600 on the kitchen table of his Chicago apartment. Then, his empire was born. Hefner was 91 years old.

The Future Of Air Travel May Be Electric

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The future of flying may be on electric airplanes. European carrier Easy-Jet is teaming up with “Wright Electric” to build an all-electric airliner in the next decade. The plane would handle short trips under 355 miles. The companies have already tested a two-seater, and say the electric planes would save on fuel costs and cut emissions and noise.