MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota Twins broadcaster Bert Blyleven is likely feeling a mix of relief and sadness over the mass shootings in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Blyleven’s son, Todd Blyleven, was in Las Vegas with his wife enjoying a Jason Aldean concert near Mandalay Bay when gunfire suddenly rang out. It didn’t take long to figure out it was a life-threatening situation.

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At least 58 people died and more than 500 others were injured in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

According to a Washington Post report, Todd Blyleven and his wife traveled with family and friends from Texas for the concert, and were center stage but toward the back of the venue when the gunfire started. He said muzzle flashes could be seen from a window at Mandalay Bay. He said he and his brother-in-law guided their group to safety out of the venue.

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But his night wasn’t over once the group was out of harm’s way. Blyleven went back in and joined volunteers trying to get people out of danger. He even carried out a young woman who had been shot.

Todd Blyleven said he estimates he helped 30 to 40 people escape the gunfire.

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“I just felt like I had to,” Todd told the Washington Post. “I would hope that if me, or my family, was in a situation like that, that someone would come in and get me.”