ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – St. Paul police are investigating at least two incidents of Swastika markings being found at a campus hall at Macalester College.

School officials say in addition to incidents reported last week, there were reports of two new markings drawn at Neill Hall. The building is home to several language programs, the Humanities Resource Center and IT services.

Authorities say the markings were found on the second and fourth floors and were documented, removed and reported to St. Paul police.

Macalester officials released a statement on the matter on Wednesday.

“Actions and behaviors such as this are unacceptable and can have a wide range of negative impacts on the community. The swastika is commonly considered a symbol of hate, and one that raises feelings among many communities of being targeted and singled out. It is likely that someone in the Macalester community has information about the perpetrator(s) of these incidents,” the statement reads.

Anyone with information on these incidents or who sees any vandalism should contact Macalester campus security at (651) 696-6555 or the Office of Student Affairs at (651) 696-6220. The incidents remain under investigation.

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