By Chris Shaffer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The following is an autumnal sonnet from WCCO Meteorologist, and resident poet laureate, Chris Shaffer:

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, that’s what The Mama’s and the Papa’s used to say.

Their message was dark and a little bit gloomy, but there’s beauty abounding along Lake Gitchegumee.

Now, sonnets should be in iambic pentameter, so please bear with me, with words, I’m an amateur.

But, I know the beauty of the scenic North Shore, you really must visit if you haven’t before.

If you don’t know the spot, and wonder where is it? It’s on the same road as a Dylan revisit.

With years as a weatherman, and decades of training, I still picked a day, to shoot when it’s raining.

But a bit of cool rain cannot wash away, the beautiful colors of nature’s display.

(credit: CBS)

As chlorophyll recedes from the leaves left to bear, are the beautiful colors that were already there.

I know there are those who simply aren’t into this, but this is real science, it’s called photosynthesis.

There are trees of all kinds, whether pine or deciduous, to tell them apart just look at the … the … something-something-iduous.

As I take it all in ‘neath the leaves of a poplar, I spy all the same colors that show up on my Doppler.

You’ll see all the species, birch, maple and oak, they make just the right place to enjoy a cold Coke.

There are dozens of features on which to imbibe, you’ll be happy to know, some words can’t describe.

‘Twas the power of water that created this place, with the awe and beauty seen on each onlooker’s face.

It’s a place that we flatlanders call the North Shore, whether hiking or biking, it’s well worth the tour.

Find a good place to eat, like a pie made by Betty, or take a nice photo with a 13-foot yeti.

It’s free and it’s open for all you leaf peepers, and take lots of photos, pray some will be keepers.

So plan your trip soon, those colors won’t wait, the leaves on the North Shore are the best in the state.

Chris Shaffer