By Linda Cameron 

In a gadget-driven digital world, where social media predominates and tech and science prevail, a reasonable person would dismiss allegations of a spooky presence. As Mr. Spock, the venerable commander of the early Star Trek series would say, “It’s illogical.” But perhaps Spock is wrong and those who attend séances to commune with the spirit world are right. If there were ghostly sightings on the Enterprise, the canny Vulcan would sensibly cling to a Klingon. Walk with us to some of Minnesota’s spookiest places and tell us which haunt you most favor.

Blaine High School 
12555 University Ave. N.E.
Blaine, MN 55434
(763) 506-6503

Well known as one of the best secondary schools in the Anoka-Hennepin district, Blaine High School is the learning center for STEM studies. In such a scientific academic setting, one wouldn’t dream of a ghost amongst the student body. However in the evening, if you happen to still be in the building, you might hear other footsteps in the lonely hallways. If the footsteps aren’t those of a faculty member, it might be those of a former student, Alana. The thing is, she can be heard but not seen. Most teachers prefer students to be seen but not heard, but probably loved Alana’s quiet manner. On the wall inside the girls’ restroom, “Alana 6-178” is scrawled in her memory and can never be removed. At least, Alana is no anonymous apparition.

(credit: Jupiter Images)

Lakeview Cemetery
Township Road 7936
Buhl, MN 55713

Minnesota has many cemeteries with this name, also popular in other states. But there’s something about Lakeview Cemetery in Buhl. To get here, you’ll need a GPS for directions to this oft visited haunt. People come here for the thrill of a real paranormal experience. Lakeview Cemetery is for the ghost (or ghostly) sensation seeker. Not heavily advertised on tourist billboards, one might say the cemetery is truly a destination off the beaten path. To see busloads of people disembarking could be a surprise.

Pizza Hut In Columbia Heights
5220 Central Ave. N.E., Suite #220
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
(651) 488-8888

Yes, Pizza Hut is a chain. But this particular pizza pad is rare because it’s haunted. How many ghosts have you seen in a Pizza Hut? Or rather, how many Pizza Huts have you been to that had ghosts? (Our bet is one in a million.) Before Pizza Hut, a donut shop occupied this space, where an elderly baker hung himself. Quite likely he was the owner, distressed that the  established donut shop was replaced with a more hip pizza parlor. Look for his shadow if you dare come to Pizza Hut in Columbia Heights.

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(credit: Concordia College/Facebook)

Concordia College
901 8th St. South
Moorhead, MN 56562
(218) 299-4000

A lovely liberal arts college with many students from Twin Cities, Concordia has a progressive curriculum and a history of traditions. One can scarcely believe a haunting history is one of them. Most rumors about hauntings swirl about the broken hearts of past literati. But one student literally succumbed to the pressures of academia, ending life in a dormitory. If campus life seemed spooky, that student should have sought counseling. There’s always a next time if this same student is floating around.

Support Our Troops Haunted House
Dakota County Fairgrounds
4008 220th St.
Farmington, MN  55024

This is a great pre-Halloween or holiday treat for stout-hearted healthy adults. This haunted house doesn’t harbor poltergeists. It commemorates veterans actively serving or who have completed active tours of duty. In return for your tax deductible donation, you’ll get a fun-filled fright night. Now, we’re not trying to spook you into emptying your wallet, but the fundraisers here provide assistance to real-life military men and women and their families. While you quaver in the presence of smoke-and-mirror ghouls, this non-profit will be sending our troops care packages and attending to the needs of their loved ones through organizational initiatives. Don’t be scared. This is for real. Mark your calendar for hauntingly spectacular happenings.

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