MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota-based 3M is in the spotlight for Pizza Hut’s news promotions, as their Thinsulate is being credited for allowing the company to deliver hotter pizza.

According to the company, their new delivery pouch is engineered to also include “crisp sheet inserts,” which they claim can, in conjunction with the Thinsulate thermal insulation, deliver pizza up to 15 degrees hotter than before.

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“By implementing the unique power of our Thinsulate Insulation, which is warmer than almost every comparable material on the market, we’re able to help Pizza Hut achieve their goal to deliver customers a hotter pizza than ever before,” Mindy Murray, brand communications manager for 3M, said in a press release.

Pizza Hut also claims their redesigned pizza boxes have thicker sides and elevation for the pizzas.

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Futhermore, they have thrown in their two cents for seasonal fashion. As “winter is coming,” the company also unveiled their “pizza parka,” which uses the same materials as the pizza delivery pouch, and also touts the following features (copied verbatim):

  • Weather-resistant outer crust
  • Easy order window to allow users to order pizza from the sleeve
  • Marinara splash guard to protect your phone when ordering
  • Napkin gaiter
  • Dual Parmesan and red pepper pockets
  • Oven-hot lining
  • Interior pizza pocket
  • Heat sealed seams

“The Pizza Parka is going to keep the lucky recipients hot in the same cold-weather elements that our pizzas often endure on the delivery trip from our restaurants to their front doors,” Pizza Hut’s vice president of marketing Zipporah Allen said.

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Pizza Hut said that anyone who orders online or through the app, or who tweets either a pizza slice or a flame emoji to their Twitter account, is eligible to win a pizza parka.