By Mary McGuire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In just more than 3 months, the Twin Cities will host millions of visitors for the Super Bowl and new regulations may be in place for those looking for a place to stay on websites like Airbnb.

On Tuesday’s meeting, Minneapolis city council members gave a first round approval to the new proposed regulations.

It would require hosts to get a license through the city and pay a $46 fee to list their home. Companies like Airbnb and VRBO would have to pay a $5,000 dollars to do business in the city.

Over in St. Paul, council members are set to vote on similar regulations on Wednesday afternoon.

Folks renting out their homes would have to pay a $70 annual fee and businesses would pay $7,000 for a short-term rental platform license.

Leaders in both cities agree services like these are needed, along with some regulation.

“Let’s not forget Airbnb and VRBO, they are already taking in customers and clients, so all we are doing is making sure we have a baseline of safety and making sure a new and innovative business can function,” said Minneapolis Ward 3 Council Member Jacob Frey.

“Here in St. Paul, we have tons of hotels and a bunch of great places to stay. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough hotel rooms to accommodate everyone that will be here for this great Super Bowl, so Airbnb, Expedia, VRBO…it’s a great added addition,” said St. Paul Ward 3 Council Member Chris Tolbert.

The City of St. Paul is also considering adding parking restrictions to homes that are being rented out.

St. Paul city council members are set to cast their final votes on the regulations on Wednesday.

In Minneapolis, council members will vote at their meeting on October 20th.

There could be some final tweaks to the rules before everything is said and done.

Airbnb released a statement Wednesday:

“Airbnb and our hosts are thankful to Minneapolis and Saint Paul policymakers for continuing to address this complex issue in good faith. We want to partner with them on commonsense and fair regulations.”

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