MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Enjoying these October days with highs in the 70s? Then take it all in this week, because it could be a while before such warmth returns to Minnesota.

The National Weather Service says a rerun of this week’s mild weather won’t likely be seen until spring. So when Friday roll around, with its expected highs in the upper 70s, be sure to soak it up.

After Friday, rain will fall this weekend, and next week will bring temperatures closer to reality – to the mid-50s.

The recent warmth has delayed first freeze in the Twin Cities. According to WCCO-TV meteorologist Kylie Bearse, the average first freeze in the metro happens on Oct. 10.

The current seven-day forecast holds little chance for the mercury to dip that low.

Over the last several decades, first freeze in the metro has occurred later and later into the season. In the 1970s, first freezes occurred around Oct. 1. Last year, the Twin Cities saw its first freeze on Nov. 18 – the latest in state history.