MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’ve been assimilated!

Minnesota is one of 39 states where Chick-fil-A dominates the fast-food market, according to Foursquare.

Business Insider says the Georgia-based chain is making more money than any of its U.S. competitors.

Minnesota’s eastern neighbor, surprisingly, does not boast Culver’s as its most-popular fast food joint. Wisconsin is also a Chick-fil-A state.

most popular fastfood chain 4x3 1 Chick Fil A Dominating Minn., U.S. Fast Food Market

(credit: Fousquare/Business Insider))

The Dakotas have bucked the cluck trend, with McDonald’s reigning in the North, and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen in the South. Popeye’s is also the leader in Hawaii.

Louisiana? A Chick state.

Culver’s did win over Kansas, while In-N-Out Burger tops sales in Utah and Texas.

McDonald’s only leads in two other states: Alaska and Maryland.

Raising Cane’s (California), White Castle (Nevada) and Wendy’s (Vermont) are also barely represented.

Taco Bueno, which is only found in seven states, is el rey of Oklahoma.

Burger King, sadly, didn’t live up to its crown.

Comments (2)
  1. Jim Martel says:

    Who did the research for this story is bogus there are two chick-fil-a in the state of New Hampshire 80 McDonald’s 23 Wendy’s and I couldn’t find how many Burger King but I know there’s more than two so everything about the stories to all somebody paid for i

  2. Ken Carter says:

    I call BS on this, too. There’s only 11 Chick-Fil-A’s in Massachusetts.

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