By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every October, families across Minnesota are in search of roundest, orange-est, most perfect pumpkin. That means some of the pumpkins in the patches get left behind.

So, Phil from Stillwater asks: “What happens to the unpicked pumpkins?”

Good Question.

That answer depends on the pumpkin patch.

At Dehn’s Pumpkin Patch in Dayton, some farmers use them for pig feed. Local families will also get them to roast the seeds or feed the deer.

At Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch in Wyoming, the leftover pumpkins are re-plowed back into the field to be used for fertilizer.

As much as 10 percent of a pumpkin patch can be left behind each year. It’s often the not-so-round, rotten ones that no longer have a stem.

Heather Brown