MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Injuries were reported after a multi-vehicle crash in Lake Prairie Township that began with a deer collision.

The crash happened Sunday at about 7:15 p.m., along Highway 169.

A semi truck was heading north when a deer came from the ditch. Police said the semi swerved over into the next lane, but hit the deer.

A Dodge vehicle in the left lane slowed down to avoid the swerving truck and then was rear-ended by a Honda.

As all vehicles were pulling over to the right shoulder, a Chevrolet driving slow to avoid what police described as “deer parts” was struck by a Chrysler, which was then in turn spun around and struck by a Mazda.

The Chrysler was pushed to the median, and the driver was ejected. The Mazda struck a guardrail and hit a standing passenger.

It was not immediately reported how many people were hurt in the crash, or the extent of their injuries.