MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Security breaches at Equifax exposed the private financial data of 150 million consumers.

Stolen bank cards and Social Security numbers make identity theft much more likely for those affected by the breach.

In response, Republican lawmakers in Minnesota are proposing a special state license for consumer who are victims of identity theft.

It could look like a driver’s license, and include biometric information and a financial bar code.

“If you go to a bank, you can scan the bar code, your face will come up,” said Rep. Duane Quam (R-Byron).

The proposal comes as state officials are warning that Minnesota’s own computer systems may be at risk.

IT officials say Minnesota fights off 3 million attempted hacks every day.

Gov. Mark Dayton told a cyber-security conference in Minneapolis it keeps him up at night worrying hackers could gain access to private information.

“I fear that it will take something truly catastrophic to gain the public’s attention and demand to give cyber security the appropriate priority and funding in the public sector,” he said Tuesday.

The Legislature is expected to debate cyber security funding next year.

IT officials said Tuesday that Minnesota’s patchwork computer system is rapidly aging, with some systems up to 40 years old.