ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says he’ll continue to press to get the funding necessary to protect the state’s computer system from hackers.

Dayton got only a fraction of the spending he proposed for technology and cybersecurity upgrades last session and plans to push the issue again next year.

Speaking to cybersecurity experts in Minneapolis Tuesday, Dayton says computer upgrades are a tough sell when in competition for other needs such as a rundown bridge or a new college library. Dayton says he fears it will take something catastrophic to give cybersecurity priority funding.

Minnesota Public Radio News says in the past year alone, Minnesota officials discovered a data breach in a state park computer, a hacker broke into a state university computer and an email scam targeted Minnesota school district officials.

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  1. Better to keep spending the taxpayer’s money on importing criminals and thieves or building new stadiums for his rich buddies.

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