MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An 80-year-old movie clip has surfaced on the internet, and an old Minneapolis firefighter is getting well-deserved recognition online.

Mickey the Minneapolis Fire Cat used to live in the city’s Fire Station 10, where he loved to watch his fellow firefighters play dominoes when not rushing out to calls.

Like all able firefighters in the 1930s, the station’s mascot could deftly slide down the brass pole in the fire station. (Watch him do it in the video below!)

He also had his own little firefighting helmet.


The video of Mickey, the “chief of cats,” was posted on the Old Minneapolis Facebook page. It’s about 30-seconds long, and has a narrator detailing his mascot role.

According to the website Cinema Cats, the news clip is from a 1936 compilation of stories put together by Chevrolet.

Mickey’s old fire station has since been re-purposed by the city. It is now a police station on North 4th Street, between Hennepin and 1st avenues.