By David McCoy

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Nino Niederreiter practiced vigorously again Monday. He hasn’t been holding himself back.

“You obviously notice that it’s still there, but you push yourself as hard as you can and obviously the battles that’s when you feel it the most and that’s why I’m excited to get out there,” Niederreiter said.

Coach Bruce Boudreau said he might be able to return to game action Tuesday night, but will be a game-time decision.

“He’s trending in the right direction, he’s looking better,” Boudreau said.

Niederreiter has missed the last six games since suffering a high ankle sprain Oct. 12 against Chicago. And while it’s the kind of injury that can tend to linger for a while, the Wild want to be careful not to rush him back too quickly.

“Wouldn’t surprise me that you tape that thing until February. Anytime I’ve seen that injury that’s what happens,” Boudreau said.

“Definitely it feels a lot better, and obviously doc told me it going to take a while until I won’t feel anything, but feels definitely a lot better, and every day I step on the ice it gets better and more comfortable, so it’s a;ways a good step in the right direction,” Niederreiter said.

So what would still keep him out?

“If between him and the doctor that they don’t think it’s ready. Mentally, you have to feel that you’re ready to play. Because it’s a different feeling than just thinking you’re OK to go to practice,” Boudreau said.

“Every day it’s been getting better and I trust it more and more, so I’m happy to get out there soon,” Niederreiter said.

As soon as Tuesday night.


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