By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)The chilly October afternoon wasn’t enough to scare off trick-or-treaters in the Twin Cities.

Several families still marched up and down sidewalks, going door to door in search of Halloween candy.

“It’s cold, yeah, but it’s not that bad,” said Heidi Pansch. “Sun came out, feels pretty good.”

Pansch runs one of three at-home daycares along a south Minneapolis block. The children from all three daycares and their families come together each year to trick-or-treat outside.

Even with the temperature hovering around freezing at 4 p.m., the tradition carried on.

“It’s Minnesota weather, you got to be used to this,” said parent Bard Hartung.

(credit: CBS)

But that doesn’t mean people have to tolerate it.

“We’re Minnesotans, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and so it’s at the mall apparently tonight,” said parent Stephanie Pfeilsticker.

She and her husband Steve chaperoned three kids at Southdale Mall in Edina, one of many malls hosting indoor Halloween events. Kids went from store to store in search of sweets, while also other activities and like face painting.

It’s not the normal way to celebrate, but Steve Pfeilsticker felt it was necessary.

“It’s been too cold. I mean, last night it was so windy, it’s like I couldn’t imagine going outside for an hour, hour and a half with this wind,” he said.

Inside, costumes kept their true form. Back outside, the brisk air forced parents to winterize their kids’ outfits. One boy dressed as a construction worker had a knit cap under his hard hat. Others wore light jackets on top of their costumes or layers underneath.

Pansch wore festive gloves and a sweater as she handed out candy. The cold isn’t preferred this time of year, but it wasn’t enough to stop their evening of fun.

“We always have a good turnout,” Pansch said.

Jeff Wagner