MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After at least two incidents last month, officials at Macalester College say there have been at least two more discoveries of a swastika marking in a residence hall.

School officials say two incidents were reported in early October, and two additional swastika markings were found at Neill Hall. It’s a building that’s home to several language programs, the Human Resources Center and IT services.

Those markings were found on the second and fourth floors of the building and were documented, removed and reported to the St. Paul Police Department.

School officials said Thursday at least two more markings have been found in residence halls since then. Officials say a swastika was found drawn on a bulletin board in the east wing of GDD Residence Hall and based on information, the incident likely happened on Oct. 27.

Officials say a swastika was also discovered carved into a room door in a residence hall, likely on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Authorities say anyone with information about either of the incidents should call Macalester Campus Security at (651) 696-6555 or the Office of Student Affairs at (651) 696-6220.