ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota has surpassed 300 traffic deaths for the year so far.

According to preliminary data, the state Office of Traffic Safety says 306 people have died on Minnesota roads since Jan. 1.

Of those deaths, 201 were people in motor vehicles, 52 were motorcyclists, 33 were pedestrians and five were bicyclists. Fifteen died in other vehicles.

Officials say four main factors in the deaths were alcohol — with 90 fatalities — distracted driving, speed and failure to wear seat belts.

Minnesota reported 300 road deaths on Oct. 17 last year.

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  1. Martin Kent says:

    The freewheeling phenomenon in Minnesota is a disgrace. This terrifying lawless behaviour is the result of civic inattention so let’s use the phrase “Civic Duties and Traffic Laws”, to address and master the lawless street and highway problem. Most people who ignore traffic laws will do this with their children, so to manage this problem by exposing this callousness and violent
    behaviour, will do Minnesota a great deal of good. Look at St. Paul. on Mother’s Day. Most parents ignore traffic laws with their kids on Mother’s Day in St Paul. Many of these parents are civic servants. This is beyond acceptable behaviour. The daily death lottery in Minnesota needs you to wave checkered flags at speeders. ( 300 will lead to 365 by year end.) Come on Minnesota, wee need you to discuss civic responsibilities.

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