By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul college is warning students about a string of hate speech incidents on campus.

Macalester College sent out public safety alerts to students this week about two separate swastikas were found on the campus in October.

The incidents are the latest in a semester that has been plagued with similar incidents.

Isabelle is in her first semester at Macalester College. She is also Jewish, and has taken notice of the several anti-Semitic incidents on campus.

“When there is a community of educated individuals, that means if you are putting up a swastika, you know exactly what that means,” Isabelle said.

Macalester put out a public safety alert to students this week about the two swastikas reported on campus.

In October, one was found in the George Draper Dayton Hall on a bulletin board. The other was carved into a residence hall door.

Macalester College (credit: CBS)

An email sent to students Friday said the college would not be broadcasting news of any future incidents to the school’s newspaper.

“There’s this whole controversy over whether we should not be giving them attention for doing what they’re doing,” Isabelle said.

Macalester responded to WCCO’s request for comment with a statement, saying in part, “We are working as a campus community to address this situation and provide support for our community members who have felt particularly impacted by these hateful symbols.”

WCCO also learned about another incident Thursday night on campus. An email sent from Residence Life to students said an anti-Arab speech was found carved into a custodial door inside a residence hall.

“I think the administration will probably have to make some more decisive action,” Isabelle said.

Macalester has had several similar incidents happen in recent weeks. There were multiple swastikas found drawn in a classroom building in September.

Last year, the college’s newspaper also reported on a swastika found carved into a desk.

Anyone with information should call campus security at 651-696-6555.

Kate Raddatz