MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A church is supposed to be a sacred, safe place. But on Sunday, it was transformed into a crime scene as more than two dozen people were gunned down in Texas.

Sadly, this has become a new reality that congregations across the country have had to face in recent years.

At First Baptist Church in Minneapolis, pastor Jeremy Adelman says measures like security cameras and secure access to the building have been in place for years.

He also relies on the eyes of parishioners to speak up if something looks out of place.

“In August, we had a training our members on how to respond to someone in the building if they don’t know who they are. Again, we want to create a welcoming environment and to ask questions in ways that aren’t confrontational,” Adelman said.

He also urges folks to stay calm in the face of mass shootings like the one in Texas.

“There can be a great deal of fear of having a church in a downtown setting, but it’s a privilege for us, even in the midst of things like mass shootings, we want to be a place of healing,” Adelman said.

Last year, Mississippi passed legislation allowing churches there to legally have armed security if they choose, according to CBS News.