MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul man is facing charges for violently raping his ex-girlfriend in her St. Paul apartment last year.

Dashawn Earl McClenton, 24, is facing three charges of criminal sexual conduct and one charge of domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was staying the night at her sister’s apartment on St. Paul Avenue, where McClenton — her ex-boyfriend — was also staying the night on Nov. 5, 2016. The victim told police she thought McClenton had remained her friend after they split up.

The victim told investigators she had just gotten out of the shower when McClenton grabbed her and began violently assaulting her, strangling her and forcefully holding her down. She told investigators she felt herself becoming weak while he was choking her and thought she would pass out.

dashawn mcclenton Charges: St. Paul Man Raped Ex Girlfriend, Prayed For Forgiveness While She Called For Help

Dashawn McClenton (credit: Ramsey County Jail)

At one point, while McClenton was assaulting her, the victim says she told him to ask for God’s forgiveness for what he was doing. The mention of God appeared to change McClenton’s demeanor, the victim said, and fell to his knees and began praying and apologizing to the victim. It was at that point she was able to lock herself in the bathroom and call her sister-in-law for help, who called police.

When the victim told McClenton she’d called for help, she said he quickly gathered his things and left the apartment.

Doctors and nurses later found several scratches and bruises all over the victim when she was evaluated at Regions Hospital.

If convicted, McClenton could be sentenced to decades prison.


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