By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The reporter who first broke the sexual harassment story rocking the State Capitol is speaking out.

We sat down with the MinnPost journalist who discovered the difficult path for people wanting to raise the red flag on lawmakers’ behavior.

It’s a movement barely a month old.  First, in the headlines for a movie producer’s past. Then, a hashtag on social media. That soon found its way to the MinnPost newsroom.

Briana Bierschbach has covered seven legislative sessions in St. Paul.

“I wasn’t surprised to see that people were wanting to talk about this now,” Bierschbach said.

“These are serious stories that you’re hearing from around the country and it didn’t seem at all out of the realm of possibility that they were happening at our State Capitol,” she added.

A house candidate and a new state rep reached out to recount their interactions with state senator, paramedic and police officer Dan Schoen. Allegations of lewd comments, grabbing and suggestive text messages.  Both women insisting their names to be used in Bierschbach’s story.

“I think that made it really powerful,” Biershbach said.

She was also the first to point to a complex discipline policy covering sitting legislative members that didn’t mention sexual harassment at all.  Bierschbach didn’t expect such swift fallout from her story.  A cascade of resignation calls and more women coming forward.  A story now with no clear end in sight.

“As people become more comfortable and see this process play out more stories will come out,” she said.

Bierschbach also told WCCO that she is no stranger to some of this behavior at the capitol.  She’s often touched on the elbow or back when men talk to her. Some sitting legislators have referred to her as red, rather than using her name, since she has red hair.

Liz Collin

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  1. Briana Bierschbach is a flipping FAKE #MeToo Fraud. She complains of being touched on the elbow and back? Oh my God. The pain. The humiliation. Yes, you should name names, Princess Briana. Let us know which dirty politicians placed a hand where you feel unsafe. Let’s install cameras and watch who YOU touch too. Now she wants the story to be about her.

  2. This is a person in need of BIG TIME help in understanding how cordial, caring people interact with each other! Poor you Briana. Life is so much better when one learns to feel comfortable with normal, healthy interactions with other people!!

  3. It’s not sexual harassment if it’s not punishing someone for not giving sex favors or refusing a date. Feminists just keep pushing all these fake narratives so they can feel like walking lawsuits over free speech and freedom of conscience.

  4. Grid Scar says:

    Hey princess Briana, how about this for sexual harassment, a feminist judge strips men of their rights to privacy and decency by allowing female sports reporters into their locker rooms! Happened in 1978 and this indignant sexual harassment continues to this day. Until this immoral
    decision is overturned I have no compassion for women’s alleged claims. The female hypocrisy knows no bounds.