ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman officially kicked off his campaign to be Minnesota’s next Governor on Sunday.

He launched his campaign Sunday afternoon at the Hallie Q. Brown Center in St. Paul. Coleman is hitting the road over the next four days to visit 16 cities in the state.

His campaign staff says he will be sharing his, “Progressive message of economic security and opportunity for all Minnesotans.”

“I’m mad for the Minnesotans who have worked hard all their lives, play by the rules, done what’s right only to have their family struggle and not know whether they can make it through retirement,” Coleman said. “I want to stand up for those that are mad. I want to lift up their voices. And I want to make sure that we correct those things that are destroying their families.”

Coleman has been the mayor of St. Paul for the past 12 years. St. Paul’s next mayor will be 38-year-old Melvin Carter. He will be the city first African-American mayor.