MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minnesota Vikings tried to out-do themselves with team touchdown celebrations on Sunday during their 38-30 win over the Washington Redskins.

The Vikings made national headlines during their 20-17 win at Chicago back on Oct. 9. Kyle Rudolph caught a touchdown pass, and the offense celebrated with a game of “Duck, Duck Gray Duck” in the end zone. Players not from Minnesota after the game called it “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

In Sunday’s win over the Redskins, Adam Thielen caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter that gave the Vikings a 20-17 lead they would maintain the rest of the game. Thielen led an ensuing celebration that was a good old fashion game of “Leap Frog.”

Thielen had another big game with eight catches for 166 yards and the score. He has at least five catches in every game this year. Case Keenum finished with 304 yards passing, four touchdowns and two interceptions.

The Vikings had another touchdown celebration before that on Sunday, which proved to be costly. Stefon Diggs caught a touchdown from Keenum, raced to the goal post and jumped on it. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for using field equipment as a prop. The Redskins took advantage of the field position and scored on the ensuing possession.

But now in at least two victories, the Vikings have had touchdown celebrations with strong Minnesota ties. So which was better: Duck, Duck, Gray Duck or Leap Frog?

Comments (3)
  1. Neither one was better, they were both dum. Act like you’ve scored before. Hand the ball to the refs and run back to the bench. This intimidates the other team, doesn’t pi$$ them off to retaliate and injure someone, and makes them feel totally dominated and unable to beat you guys. Act professional and just win, baby.

  2. These celebrations in the end zone are childish and just plain stupid. Grow up and act like adults.

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