MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Do you think in today’s fast paced world that it’s possible to achieve pure solitude? If it is possible, new research shows it can can be calming.

The researchers say spending time truly alone, without other people or electronic devices, decreased the intensity level of both positive and negative energy.

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Being alone also increased a person’s sense of peacefulness, calm and relaxation.

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Furthermore, according to Psychology Today:

The people who said that they were taking the time to themselves because it was beneficial or because they enjoyed it had the most positive experiences. Their week of solitude made them feel calmer and more peaceful and relaxed, without also making them feel any sadness or loneliness or boredom.

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This new research demonstrates with scientific data what people who are single-at-heart have long known in their guts: Being alone is not the same as feeling alone. For people who enjoy solitude, there’s nothing sad or lonely or boring about it. In fact, it can be quite glorious.