By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After gobbling a Thanksgiving turkey, many families plan to gobble up Black Friday deals, but you may not see as many door-buster deals this year.

Experts say competition from Amazon is forcing stores to get more creative to keep customers coming back into their stores right up until Christmas.

With Black Friday still days away, shopper Herme Garcia of Minneapolis is already camping out for a spot in line.

“Every year, I grab the TVs that are on special,” he said.

Garcia has been grabbing door-buster Black Friday deals at the Best Buy in Richfield for 14 years. He says the deals have changed over the years.

“They could be better right now to be honest,” he said.

George John is a professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota.

“Historically they would have what you call a ‘big bang,'” he said.

John says the economy is up and retailers expect shoppers to buy, making competition fierce. But the most challenging competitor,
Amazon, will likely change Black Friday deals.

“If you go to Amazon’s web page, it will say Black Friday deals for the month,” John said. “In response, what the retailers are doing are putting things on sale in pulses.”

What does that mean for you? If you’re hoping to grab a new big screen TV, you may still be able to get a steal after Black Friday.

“They have to throw out doorbusters and goodies to get you to come in every so often,” John said.

Still, you risk other shoppers beating you to the punch — the store may run out of that TV — but that’s a risk some deal hunters are willing to take.

“If i can’t find it, i’ll look online to see what’s available,” Garcia said.

But even if the deals are great — or just OK — Black Friday shopping is a tradition for many.

“I still like doing it though,” Garcia said.

Professor John says he believes the same rule will apply to Cyber Monday. Retailers may continue pulsing sales online right up until Christmas.


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