MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dozens of local girls auditioned for chance to be in a Broadway show before kindergarten.

Waitress is coming to the Orpheum Theater, but a few weeks ago they needed to add one crucial role — and they needed Minnesota talent to make it happen!

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Backstage at the State Theater, dozens of 4- and 5-year-olds are waiting for their big moment to say their line.

For 4-year-old Estela, it’s an exciting time!

“I’m excited,” said Estela.

The audition is for a small, but crucial role at the end of the Broadway show “Waitress.”

“It’s a little girl named lulu and she’s supposed to be happy and carefree,” Jennifer Anderson said.

While most of the cast comes in from New York, they find a new Lulu in every city they perform.

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“It’s been actually kind of amazing,” said Susanna Wolk, the Assistant Director. “To meet people from around the country and what kids are like.”

It’s Wolk’s job to find the right kids for the part.

“I’m really looking for kids who are confident being themselves and are going to be able to stay calm cool and collected when there’s scenery moving and pies flying in the air,” Wolk said. “I want to see are they capable of having a conversation and understanding direction.”

After nearly 40 girls, they found their Lulus!

Prewitt Anderson, a 5-year-old and from Bayport, Minnesota will rotate nights with Estela Antivilo, a four-year old and from Maple Grove.

Waitress opens Tuesday night at the Orpheum Theatre and runs through Sunday night.

Tickets range from $39 to $145.

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Times vary depending on the day.