By John Lauritsen

EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) — An Edina woman is getting attention for her capturing animals at their most vulnerable moments.

Lisa Asp is a professional photographer.

Last year, she decided she wanted to highlight the lives of rescue dogs as they come full circle.

From their first days after being rescued, until they were fully healed and adopted.

As the owner of Tangerine House of Design, she’s taken thousands of pictures of dogs looking their very best. But it’s about 20 photographs of dogs feeling their worst that Lisa is truly proud of.

“It just brings tears to a lot of people,” said Lisa.

She got the idea for a photo album while volunteering with a pit bull rescue called Save-A-Bull. Animals would arrive, victims of abuse or neglect with little hope for a future. Lisa would take a picture.

And then she’d follow up months later. The change in some dogs was undeniable and incredible.

“The before and after is such a huge change that it doesn’t even look like the same dog,” said Lisa while looking at pictures of a dog named Sully.

There’s Pippa, a dog born with a foot condition who can now walk. And Purdy, who was saved from being euthanized and then delivered nine puppies. All the animals in Lisa’s book eventually found new homes. Proof that everyone loves an underdog.

“The emotional impact, it still just touches my heart to see so many dogs go from the before and after for this project,” said Lisa.

Lisa’s photo album has already won numerous awards and has been nominated for an international award that will be decided in January.

She’s hoping it shows people that rescues can save dogs and give them better lives.


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