By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Sen. Al Franken was back on the Senate floor this weekend offering a sharp critique of the GOP tax cut bill, saying it will benefit the wealthy and not the middle class.

Meanwhile, the Senate Ethics Committee is investigating allegations from five different women who have accused the senator of groping them.

Two of the alleged incidents occurred before Franken was a senator. The three other incidents allegedly happened while Franken was either campaigning or during his first term.

So far, the vast majority of prominent Minnesota Democratic women, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar, have condemned the alleged harassment, but have not called on Franken to resign.

There are two notable exceptions: State Auditor Rebecca Otto and Rep. Erin Murphy.

Both are DFL candidates for governor, and both are calling for Franken to step down.

“It’s really important that we don’t condone the behavior, that we say it’s got to come to an end,” said Murphy, on WCCO Sunday Morning. “This is an issue about power and the abuse of power and it is hitting workplaces across the country, and it’s time for you — women and young men and for trans people — to say enough.”

No Democratic members of the U.S. Senate have called on Franken to step down.

Comments (2)
  1. This is my opinion so dont take a gun and shoot me for it. Mr Franken has done alot of GOOD things for Minnesota, I feel that he is being given the bad end of the stick. Why did these women WAIT so long to say anything? They should have done something as soon as it happened NOT years afterward.

  2. Jim Cain says:

    If these two candidates can’t distinguish the difference between sexual harassment and incidental touching that had no sexual intent then neither will be getting my vote. The way he has treated the matter in not shaming the women and apologizing although I think there’s plenty of room to question both truthfulness and motive is an admirable approach by Al. He is being the adult in the room and therefore should be believed also. if they have the right to be believed on their word, so does he. He says there was no intent and he apologized. Get over it or get lost! In the case of these two finger pointers without all the facts, get your vote for someone besides me. I question your judgement in jumping on this media frenzy and politicizing it to try and get votes. You just lost this one!

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