MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The wait continues as Governor Mark Dayton decides who should replace U.S. Senator Al Franken.

The embattled senator announced he would resign last week amid multiple accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

As time presses on, Former Republican Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson is speaking out on Franken’s resignation.

On Sunday, Carlson published a blog post where he said while he is not always in agreement with Franken, that he firmly believe in the legal due process and that the Senator should not resign right now.

He goes on to write that Franken has been the Senate’s most effective challenge to Trump and his subordinates.

You can read the entire blog post here.

Comments (2)
  1. Jerry Toman says:

    Franken needs to register as a sex offender. I would have to. Also on your opioids story. Is Congress going to tell us that suffer from unbearable chronic pain what to do? Both my worker’s comp insurance and Medicare will not pay for any pain control except opioids. Sounds to me like members of congress ( they don’t deserve capital c ) and insurance companies are making out on this deal. Are they planning on announcing the immediate and historical rise in suicides due to not including anyone in chronic pain on their panel when deciding what the COAT will be? You can’t make a sweeping generalization on pain. No two people or situation fits into a neat little category. It’s a case by case basis. Also, are they going to announce the historic rise in overdoses due to Heroin? It’s one of two things: Either their IQ’s are so low they can’t see this or they just don’t care as long as insurance companies continue to line their pockets. They started this not long ago by telling doctors they need to get pain meds to those in chronic pain. Now it’s someone else’s fault. How typical. I’d bet my last dollar if anyone of them were suffering as bad as I am, the old double standard would apply and they would get the meds THEY NEED TO HAVE A QUALITY OF LIFE. The plan should hold people accountable, but also make sure they have a LIFE!!!

    Jerry Toman
    In Unbearable Pain