MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It was almost exactly a year ago that one of Kylie’s Kids discovered what would turn out to be cancer.

A year later, 14-year-old Abbey is cancer free, back in the pool and on top of her game.

Going to the state finals is a big deal for any teenager. But for Abbey it marks a somewhat more surreal milestone.

Abbey noticed swollen lymph nodes at state swimming finals last fall. Her swim coach said to have them checked out. A few months later came the diagnosis: cancer.

“It was a huge shock because no one expected it,” she said.

For Abbey, fighting cancer wasn’t the hard part. It was being out of the pool, away from the sport she loved. But thankfully that didn’t last too long.

“I was actually able to get back in the pool before I was cleared, which was a little scary for my doctors and my parents,” she said. “It was just what made me feel at home, and helped me feel normal.”

After the all-clear and her hair started growing in again, Abbey threw herself back into training mode. At sectionals, she needed a first- or second-place finish to make it back, and she got it.

Now cancer free and stronger than ever, Abbey was headed back to the state finals.