MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Authorities have identified a woman who was caught on camera stealing a box containing a child’s toy outside a home in Columbia Heights.

Surveillance video shows Gianna Jean Sanders wearing a hoodie and taking the package from the front door of a residence on the 42oo block of Jackson St. NE. She then gets into the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

Authorities say the stolen package contained black boots. At the same time, a man across the street stole a package from a neighbor before getting into the vehicle with Sanders. The package contained a Christmas present, a wonder woman costume.

gianna jean sanders Woman Arrested, Charged In Columbia Heights Holiday Package Theft

(credit: Columbia Heights Police Department)

The surveillance video was posted on Facebook, and a 911 caller identified Sanders as the suspect. The caller also said she abused heroin.

Officers located Sanders at her home, and she told police she stole packages with a man known to her as “B-right.” She agreed to retrieve the stolen items from where she hid them. Among the items stolen that she returned included two Rolling Stones albums, two sweatshirts, a hat, a Fitbit and yoga pants.

Sanders was unable to return the boots and wonder woman costume. Those items were valued at $291.

Sanders was taken into custody on Monday and charged with felony theft.

Police say the man she was with is still at large and during her arrest, authorities discovered other packages stolen from nearby doorsteps.


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