CBS Local –– An eight-year-old boy who was subjected to 13 unnecessary surgeries by his mother will be reunited with his father just in time for the holidays.

Ryan Crawford has reportedly been granted temporary custody of his son, Christopher Bowen, after the boy’s mother was charged with injuring a minor this month. Kaylene Bowen-Wright was arrested after taking her son to hospitals a staggering 323 times, with claims that the eight-year-old had a variety of different illnesses including cancer and a breathing disorder.

“God answers prayers. We’ve been praying for eight years,” Christopher’s grandmother, Nelly Crawford told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “This is a day we’ll never forget and celebrate… he’s going to be well taken care of because he is loved.” Ryan Crawford has reportedly been fighting the court system for several years after a judge banned him from seeing his son in 2012. Bowen-Wright had requested the ban after Crawford refused to believe her unfounded claims about their son’s health.

Physicians now believe the 34-year-old mother is suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a condition in which a person exaggerates or imagines medical problems to gain attention. The final straw for Bowen-Wright came in November when she brought her son to Dallas’ Children’s Medical Center, claiming the boy was having seizures.

“I had to do this all by myself for eight years,” the father told reporters. “For people to actually show their concern and be so welcoming… it’s comforted me. It’s let me know that others are finally on board with what I have been saying and that Christopher has a tremendous amount of supporters.”