By Liz Collin

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — As shoppers scramble to finish their shopping lists, the country’s largest mall is already looking ahead to the biggest football game of the year. The Minnesota Super Bowl is now just 43 days away.  The Mall of America in Bloomington has a lot planned.

Right now, this is the only game that matters at Mall of America.

“We’ve had success,” one shopper said.

“So far so good,” another shopper told us.

This year once the wrapping paper is off and the returns are finished, a certain game will transform this mall mid-January.

Jill Renslow, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, gave us a peek at the Super Bowl playbook.

“We are closing up the year on a fantastic holiday season and turning the corner to the new year to plan for the big game,” Renslow said.

We start upstairs on the 3rd floor where culinary court will overlook Radio Row.

“Over 150 different media outlets will be here broadcasting live throughout the entire week,” Renslow said.

See your favorite broadcast up close or Super Bowl VIPs who will stop by for interviews.

Best Buy will have an ultimate man cave set up.  Expect some big TVs and cool decor to up your Super Bowl game at home.

Macy’s will have scores of football merchandise ready for souvenir shoppers.

Which brings us to the second floor to the brand new NFL store. Where all things Super Bowl 52 are now for sale.

moa super bowl After Holiday Season Ends, Super Bowl Season Begins At MOA

(credit: CBS)

On the first floor the perfect selfie stop, all 32 teams on huge helmets at the atrium.

So it’s full speed ahead as no delay of game is allowed when the world is watching.

“The goal is to get all these fans to come back and visit Minnesota in the spring, summer and fall,” Renslow said.

On a typical Black Friday, the mall will see 250,000 shoppers come through its doors. So, MOA is no strangers to big crowds. But, the folks at the mall don’t want locals to be afraid of stopping by during the days leading up to the big game. They don’t expect parking to be a problem since so many special shuttles will be running to bus tourists.


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