By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the first time ever, a Carver County family is together on Christmas. It’s taken more than five years to get all their children under one roof and they vow they will never be apart again.

John Sheridan-Giese and Jason Giese got married in 2013. They adopted two little girls from Florida, where they were living at the time.

They recently got a phone call that changed everything for the better.

john jason and the kids Best Christmas Ever: Minn. Family Finally All Together For Christmas

(credit; CBS)

John met Jason, a southern Minnesota native, 10 years ago in Florida.

“Coming from a farming community where there was always lots of kids and everybody had a big family and stuff I just always kinda envisioned my family as an adult being the same way,” Jason said.

After an exhausting legal process, they adopted their little girls in 2012.  Shyla is now 7 and little Sylvia is 5 years old

The two dads always knew their daughters had half-brothers, they’d met them when the girls were young.  They didn’t know the boys had been living in foster care until their biological father called saying his parental rights were being terminated and he wanted the boys to live with them.

“So we opened up our hearts and our home and there was no question about it,” John said.

“We just thought it was the right thing that we wanted to do and needed to do. And we just thought it would be a great addition to our family,” Jason said.

December 22nd the boys, Sinclair and Sincere, now 8 and 10, made it to Minnesota.

“It’s been very seamless, there’s been no problems. They just fit right into the family from day one,” John said.

There is no sibling rivalry, just some sibling revelry. Seven-year-old Shyla said it best, as she brushed the hair of her new American Girl doll.

“All I know is this is the best Christmas ever.”

“It gets us a little teary eyed sometimes, just how fragile both adoption stories have been and now everyone’s together. It really is a miracle, it’s a Christmas miracle that we’re all together,” John said.

Hard to tell they were ever apart.

The boys have also adjusted quickly to the weather seeing snow for the first time they’ve had a blast playing with their new sleds.

The boys start their new school on January 2nd, their sisters will show them the ropes.


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